About Us

The name “Small Table Studio” refers to a number of factors that inspired its conception. We are both artists. We’re not of much importance to the syndicators or award givers, but art allows us to reflect our perspective of life’s journey and we are compelled and hope to share how we see the world with you.

We are not a large operation.  Our places of creative worship are the small home studio and the dining room table.  Our order of service is measured in slivers of time that slip through the cracks of family and work.

Jeremy Pape is a singer/songwriter.  His explosive style of orchestration and high intensity vocals draw people into a sometimes humorous, sometimes bizarre, and always honest look at  himself, life, and the world.

“For most people, music is a branch on the tree of their life.  For me, it is the bark” – Jeremy

Classically trained in University, Jeremy brings all the skill of any first class artist.  Jeremy has that special connection to life, soul, and the human experience resonant in other artists like Ben Folds and Keith Green that lets listeners stay in their own skin as they partake in a feast of story and sound.

Amber Pape is a designer and crafter. Her studio is in the dining room.  All the supplies are tucked away in the bright red antique liquor cabinet next to the kitchen table.

“Sitting down at the end of the day and making something tangible recharges my life ” – Amber